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My name is Amit Desai, and I welcome you to my website – Amit Desai HQ.

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Meet Me – Amit Desai

I know that you have come on this page to get to know me better…especially who am I? What do I do, how can I best serve you & help you on your unique life journey.


So here goes…

I’m on a mission to help 100,000 people live a lifestyle of FREEDOM.

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My Mission

And I would love you to join me on this journey.

There’s a reason why our paths may have crossed. We may not know what that reason is, but trust me, everything in this world happens only with divine timing.

My mission is to teach, mentor & coach online entrepreneurs discover, hone and master the art and science of starting an online business.

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My Core Purpose

You see, Digital Marketing & Coaching is the lifeblood of every online business & the demand for it is only going to escalate in the coming Post-Covid World.

Also, if Digital Marketing & Digital Coaching is the lifeblood, then Content Creation most definitely is its single most important currency.

Creating insanely valuable & highly engaging & riveting content is not only necessary but mission-critical.

However, continually churning out world-class content isn’t easy & that’s where my expertise comes in.

On my website & blog, I share with you the very best tips & strategies on how to craft a disruptive marketing strategy through engaging content using Premium Done-For-You Training, Tools & Templates.

Put simply, Amit Desai HQ makes you look good ONLINE.

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Why Amit Desai HQ exists?

About Me:

Now that you know what my brand – Amit Desai HQ stands for, here’s a little bit about me…

To begin with, I’m not much of a believer in titles. I find them way too limiting.

As humans, our true potential is limitless and infinite.

about amit desai

I’m the author of the book, The Gift – The Science of New Manifestation.

I’ve been a Professional Photog for more than a decade now but since the past year or so, I’ve been focusing purely on becoming a Digital Marketer, Coach & Strategist.

And by qualification, I’ve completed my masters in finance.

But beyond all of that, I’m just an avid student of life, for life. I’ve been a voracious reader all my life & I’m continually learning new things.I’m a super introvert. The fact of the matter is, I would much rather read a book, sign up for an online course, geek out on a new app, digital tool or gadget or spend time with a loved one.

Crowded places and social gatherings are not really my jam.

And that is all about me.

If you thought that I was also going to flaunt my lifestyle or show you the photos of luxurious cars that I drive, I’m sorry, I will be doing none of that.

By now hopefully, you may have already sensed that I’m not the kind of person who would want to lure & influence his community with all of the glitz & the bling.

No, that’s so not me.

That’s way too surface-level hocus pocus.

I’m a person who believes in creating deep meaningful connections that come from a place of authenticity, that evoke a renewed sense of purpose and harbour an all-new brand of trust that can emerge only as a byproduct of adding massive value.

My purpose on this planet is to be a positive influence, to encourage people to do what they love, follow their passions, make a living from it & to impact as many lives as possible.

And with every single reader, follower, subscriber & customer that I get, I get a new opportunity to fulfil my purpose.

Therefore, I’m more of an enabler or a catalyst.

I’m here to serve.

My company is built on a bedrock of love, a passion for what’s possible and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good.

about amit desai hq
Company Values & Morals

I’m currently based in Mumbai, India. Thanks to the power of the internet, I’m able to work 100% from the comfort of my home since the past year or so.

Whether you’re just starting on your entrepreneurial journey or planning to take your business to the next level or perhaps even looking to make a significant change in your financial life, I’m here to help you reach the highest levels of your creative potential and tap into the deep-seated wisdom that lies within you.

Yes, this is a business. Yes, I sell stuff. And Yes, I’m proud and deeply grateful to earn a living doing so. But what you should know is that the vast majority of the creative stuff that I put out is offered to you 100% free of charge.

Through all of the free content, paid online coaching & mentoring programs and anything else I might offer in the future — I’m in this to make a difference.

I love to market products & services online tastefully without being salesy, sleazy or cheap. I’m a firm believer that Marketing ought to be built on the bedrock of value, integrity & trust.

The biggest problem with Marketing these days is that it has become opportunistic & very much fear & scarcity driven. There is nothing wrong with that, though. But, when the objective of marketing is purely to influence, induce fear & manipulate your audience into buying your product or service, it tends to lose its charm.

I have my roots grounded deeply into spirituality & personal development, but at the same time, I have a penchant for technology & digitalisation, and no, this is not about which one do I prefer more…it is about embracing both.

The world is desperately in need of people who choose both. Spirituality is a rapidly evolving concept. At this point in history, we are more universally informed, more globally inter-connected & more technologically equipped, than we have ever been before!

So in that sense, I would like to call myself a Spiritual Marketer.

This is truly the best time in the history of humankind to be alive.

Everything around us is only getting better, easier, cheaper, faster, smaller, more accessible, more connected, more abundant, more convenient & technologically more advanced.

At a moments notice, we can buy a gift online for a loved one who lives across the world and have it delivered right at their doorstep. We are only a google search away from getting real-time news & information on any given topic. We can teach ourselves the equivalent of a college degree’s worth of knowledge and education from the comfort of our living rooms.

We are bestowed with a countless number of tools, resources, gadgets & devices for navigating our outer world. But what’s missing are the tools we need to navigate the world within us and between us.

Success is completely an inside out job. Not the other way round.

If you don’t go within, you go WITHOUT.

Sometimes in life, we need to destroy what is merely good to allow in what is truly remarkable.

It is so very unfortunate that despite having the technology & an abundance of opportunity for connection than ever before, we are way more disconnected from ourselves and one another. Connecting with our inner selves is only the 1st step of the process.

The greater, more pressing job on our hands is to connect people deeply with one another; to facilitate a widespread shift in human consciousness that moves us away from self-centred hyper individuality & towards a global community of individuals who are working towards common goals.

When you get up in the morning, I urge you to ask yourself these powerful questions – how can I better serve my audience today? How can I give back to my community a little bit more today? How can I show up wherever I go today, with 10% more kindness, 10% more compassion & 10% more empathy?

If you’ve read this far, thank you.

It means, perhaps at least some of the stuff you just read resonates with you on a certain level.

I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. And I’d love to learn more about you.

If you have something to share with me, I would love to hear from you. You can get in touch here.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected, and I’m excited for the journey ahead.

With all my love.

Yours Truly,

Amit Desai.

– Spiritual Marketer

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“Writing is a medium through which I experience my affinity towards the divine. When I’m close to nature, when I’m all by myself, lone (but not lonely), I experience this deep sense of connection with a force that cannot be merely described in words where, writing serves as a thread that ties my bond with The Eternal, The Almighty, The All, The Everything & also The Nothing! Let’s meet, THERE!”

Amit Desai